A.A.R. - Operation Frozen Feet 3 (Manifest Destiny)

A big thank you to all of the players that braved the cold this past Saturday and attended War Den Airsoft's Op: Frozen Feet 3. This event was the first Micro MilSim in the Manifest Destiny series.

We had planned on numbers in the 60's for this event and were pleasantly surprised with nearly 90 participants for the OP. We got a little bit of a slow start due to the larger then expected numbers and a dozen or so late comers but we were able to hustle a bit and get the game in motion only 30 minutes late.

Both sides ended up very evenly matched. Green had a few more numbers then tan but also had a fair number of rookie MilSim players to contend with. CO Austin Sines did a great job of getting all of his players involved and quickly secured the main town. CO Aaron Arnold chose to push toward the back village and Buchler Fort to set up his FOB.

We had a solid 45 minutes of heavy action near the center of the field to begin the day. Tan was able to push Green back and nearly took the main town. In doing so a contingent of Green was able to flank Tan and overtake the small village.

After a couple of hours of play we took a 30 minute break to re supply and hydrate. We lost a handful of players on each side due to the cold and gun issues at break but still had 72 players going into the second round.

The second half was a tough fight for control of the southern half of the field. Green was able to break thru the main line that Tan had formed in the first half forcing Tan to pull back and regroup a bit. After they got their squads back on task Tan started pushing toward the main village thru the slums.

At the end of the day The Golden Horde (Tan) was in firm control of Buchler Fort, and Checkpoint Alpha. They had also regained 1/3 of the village just prior to the horn. The Cobalt Initiative (Green) firmly held the main town and the airstrip the entire day and also ended the day in control of 2/3 of the village.

All in all it was a great day of Airsoft. No snickers moments, and lots of smiles at the end of a very cold day!

A big thank you to Austin Sines, Greg Mosher, Aaron Arnold, and Adam Ladrach for heading up the teams. You guys did a great job as usual.

An even bigger thank you to all of the players that showed up to support the OP. I hope that each and every player feels that they got more than they paid for at this OP. We will continue to work hard to give you all a quality experience each and every time you choose to join us at War Den Airsoft.

Stay tuned for our next Micro MilSim where Manifest Destiny will pick up where we left off!